Interview with the designers of the HIKERS TALE pattern, PIROS Animation

Meet the team behind PIROS Animation, the designers of our HIKERS TALE Collection. The members of the Hungarian animation studio, Bálint, Bence, Domonkos and Vivi tell us about themselves, their way of working and how the HIKERS TALE pattern and animation video were born. YKRA: Tell us a bit about yourself, about PIROS Animation studio and the whole team! Bence: We founded PIROS with Domonkos Erhardt in 2018 while both of us were studying at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest (MOME). We believed that we would have better chances to start our professional journey together than on our own. For the very same reason, it was Vivien Hárshegyi who first joined us, and Bálint Halasi was the latest...

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    YKRA is about outdoor adventures for everyone! For our HIKERS TALE COLLECTION we teamed up with the PIROS ANIMATION STUDIO and KALÁKA to inspire you to embark on your own adventures!   Check out our HIKERS TALE collection here.  Listen to the original KALÁKA song here. Check out other works by PIROS here.

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Our fall 2019 pattern was designed by PIROS, a young and talented animation studio from Budapest. They were inspired by memories of hiking in Hungary in our childhoods in the early 80’s. It’s the first collection by YKRA using black leather, and also our first all black and white print. We drop the new products weekly, so stay tuned! 

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Interview with the designer of the OP/420 pattern, Viola Balázs

Meet the designer of our Summer’19 Collection, the talented Hungarian textile designer Viola Balázs, who is telling us a little about herself, her projects and how the OP/420 pattern was born. YKRA: Hi Viola! It’s nice to have you back at our studio! Tell us a bit about yourself and your works! VIOLA: Hi! I’m Balázs Viola, I’m a pattern designer, and I’m so happy to be able to do what I love! Designing patterns means setting up frameworks, making continuous patterns, and what I especially love about it, is to have the freedom of not following anatomy and creating unusual space combinations. I usually work with Hungarian fashion designers, and I founded a silk scarf brand called VYF with...

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