In our newest series, YKRA Faces, we introduce some Budapest-based creatives, who tell us stories about their daily routines, working methods and also give us a glimpse of what they keep in their YKRA backpacks.

Our second guest is Viktória Hitka, graphic designer.

Could you tell us a bit about you and your work?
Well, of course, I paint plates – this is not what I do in the major part of my time, but this is what most people are familiar with because it’s the most visible. I also work on donation campaign strategies of NGOs, nowadays I mostly design for TASZ (Hungarian Civil Liberties Union), InDaHouse and Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation. I also design book covers for children’s books and I work on the brand identities of companies and cafés. And mostly all these at the same time. For example, TASZ turned 25 years old this year, so I have a lot of projects related to this anniversary.
With my friends, we run a little shop in the castle district called NOS. And, last but not least, I have my daughter, Milla.

What do you keep in your backpack?
Notebook and pencils: I usually take notes and draw in this notebook, and what’s great about it is that if I check these notes again later, it feels a bit like reading a diary.
My daughter, Milla’s toys: My bag is usually full of her toys, she really loves lifelike animal toys so at home we have a basket full of them.
Chestnuts: It’s always a great feeling to see the first fallen chestnuts in September, so we collected them on the way home from school.
Old-fashioned phone with buttons: I try to ditch my iPhone more and more and use this very functional phone instead, and to be honest, it is very hard. These days I still have to use my iPhone during work hours, but after that, I don’t keep it with me. This is the compromise for now.
iPad: I design on this iPad, so this is a must, even if the iPhone has to go. But I only use it for work purposes, for example I create the designs for TASZ on this.
Cat: This is Milla’s cat, she is really smart and cool, she comes and goes all the time. For example, she listens to her name, and when I call her, she comes home. What is very interesting that whenever Milla comes home from school, she shows up immediately to greet her.