In our newest series, YKRA Faces, we introduce some Budapest-based creatives, who tell us stories about their daily routines, working methods and also give us a glimpse of what they keep in their YKRA backpacks.

Our first guest is Gábor Somoskői from Kezemura.

Please tell us a bit about your work!
I am a ceramist and founder of the ceramic brand, Kezemura. Nowadays I create tableware pieces and tea sets, mostly for restaurants and tea shops, but I also upload my works to my own webshop.

What does a weekday for you look like?
I bring my son, Marcell to the nursery by 8:30 in the morning, so I come to my workshop after that, usually around 9. Then I either continue what I couldn’t finish the day before or I start working on those things that are planned for the given week. Around noon, I like having lunch in the local market nearby or in a small restaurant run by some of my friends. In the afternoon, I continue what I started in the morning: I throw objects, glaze or spindle; there a lot of different phases before a piece gets ready. I usually finish around 5 or 6, and then I go home.

What do you keep in your backpack?

I got my backpack five years ago in return for a lookbook photo shooting, and I use it every single day! These are my daily carries: 

Flask: This is my favourite flask. I bought it at a Tilos Marathon event to support the radio station. I usually bring tea in it in the morning, and throughout the day I keep refilling it with water, this is a good way to keep track of how much I drink.
Book: This is brand new, so I can’t share my review on it yet.
Wooden box: A friend of mine created this box for me, so when I deliver some smaller orders, I can keep the items safe. We were planning to use it for international shipping, as well, but it still requires some further iterating.
Notebook: I use it to take notes, collect ideas and reminders for myself, and I also make some sketches in it.
Zero waste bag: I have this bag since forever, you can see it on its colour. When I started using it about two years ago, I got some weird looks at the market but the merchants also gave me discounts on their goods because the old ladies liked it so much that I have an alternative for plastic. These days I can see a lot of people using similar bags.
Camera: This is my small Olympus MJU. I really like taking photos, and I like that it has all the settings I need. This is a small, compact point-and-shoot camera that I can just take out whenever I need and I can take a photo with it super fast. I usually use it on weekdays when I want to capture something.
Business card: Dani Manninger from INK Letterpress designed this for me because
previously I had no proper flyers.