We are YKRA (pronounced eek-rah), a small backpack brand, started out  from the basement of Budapest’s unique surf bar and gallery Telep, in 2011.

We were fueled by a great admiration and nostalgia for the vintage apparel of the 70’s, so we began creating backpacks, with a fresh vibe and colorful aesthetic, using the best quality materials and traditional craftsmanship.

Since then many of our backpacks have travelled around the world on  awesome adventures with their happy owners! We really love what we do, and we take pride in our work. This is what makes our products special.

From the beginning we set out to make products that feel like they are from another era, yet are functional and suited to our everyday needs, using traditional manufacturing processes and the best materials available.

YKRA is the brainchild of Balázs Lakatos, who started out with the goal of making the perfect backpack for himself. Friends were eager to get their hands on the colorful backpacks, and the company was founded in 2012 with his wife Judit.

Born in the early 80’s, Balázs spent his childhood years in former Yugoslavia, and was influenced by the colorful retro polyester fashion that was so characteristic of the communist eastern block. These influences have been an important part of creating the YKRA style.

“In a world of over consumption, and senseless wasting of our resources we know no better way of doing business, than to make the best and longest lasting products”



From legendary climbers like Yvon Chouinard, and Doug Tompkins, surfers like Gerry Lopez, or Jake Burton the founder of snowboarding, we learned, that life lived to the fullest, is one of beauty, adventure, and traveling off the beaten path.

In an age when the outdoor business has become a muti million dollar industry, and people go camping in expensive technical gear made to withstand a storm on Mt. Everest, we look to these early pioneers for inspiration.

The gear they used was much less technical than your avreage pack today, and was most likely to be handmade of quality natural materials. This inspired us to design YKRA products with a very simplistic approach, keeping style and functionality balanced.